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Host Locally, Buy best VPS hosting plans in Pakistan avalible in both OS Linux and Windows and feel secured.

VPS Hosting Pakistan


We, being a best web Host proudly presenting First of its kind the Pakistani VPS servers from the top data center located in Pakistan for reliable and affordable online live server solution with root and remote access.

OS CPU Cores Memory SSD Space Bandwidth Price/Mo
linux OSWindows OS 01 2GB 40GB 200GB USD$59
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linux OSWindows OS 02 4GB 100GB 700GB USD$75
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linux OSWindows OS 02 8GB 150GB 1000GB USD$95
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linux OSWindows OS 04 16GB 250GB 1500GB USD$139
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linux OSWindows OS 04 32GB 350GB 2000GB USD$179
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linux OSWindows OS 08 32GB 500GB 2500GB USD$199
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linux OSWindows OS 08 64GB 650GB 3000GB USD$245
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Linux VPS Hosting

Explore best Linux VPS Hosting Plans Hosted via Pakistan, Extra ordinary facilty, supreme web hosting support, quality network with reliable hardware, On-time hosting support, Cheap priced and most importantly Local server location with low latency are the main fetures that we offer.

Explore Linux VPS Plans Linux VPS Pakistan
  • Low Latency in Pakistan

    On a huge demands of request for Local PK based Virtual Private Servers, now we are offering physically Pak based VPS hosting servers for our international and local clients for fast browsing experience with credibility and authority.

  • OS Flexibility

    When you will order a Linux based Virtual Machine, you will be asked for your desired and favorite operating system to select, we have about all the available Linux OS images with different versions for running smooth applications online.

  • Root Access

    Get a full command on your online business because we offer root privileges with every VPS provisioned by us with network level security and stability of internet connection under and fully organized atmosphere with power and net backups.

  • Lowest Price

    Though there are many Hosting providers are offering Virtual Servers in Pakistan but it is very hard to find one offering VPS physically located in Pakistan but all from NON-Pakistani Data-centers but you will get it from us with Paistani IP in cheapest price.

You may also get VPS Servers from us for these Locations:

UAE Located VPSUSA Based VPS Plans

Windows VPS Hosting

Though it was a big task to establish a control on selling and maintain Windows Based VPS as it requires us to invest in KVM but keeping in view the importance and demand, our data-center is introducing Windows OS too with fully organized and powerful infrastructure. So in it the time to enjoy the Microsoft technologies online through Pakistan, create MSSQL or run any .net applications.

Explore Windows VPS Plans windows vps in Pakistan
  • Locally Hosted MSSQL and .NET apps

    No need to go for abroad hosting facilities, now you can host your .net based and mssql databases within Pakistan, we urge you for this as your data is much secure and under your control when you will handle it within your reach.

  • Remote Desktop for global management

    International clients need their business to be reprsented from within Pakistan but due lack of infrastructure and security. Most of the time with no luck in finding such facility, here we are for solving their problem, Use Hosting services remotely now.

  • Choice of Windows Versions

    Our windows VPS comes with different versions of Windows OS, You may select one from the list when you will order, we deal in Windows 2008, 2012 Standard Edition, keep in mind Microsoft charges for its licenses so you will be charged accordingly.

  • Alluring Fast Support

    We are sure that you will get the minimum amount of issues just after provisioning and also after an yearly experience even then we offer top quality of support, Our VPS are un-managed but even then here we are for facilitating you with all basic needs.

Have Question Regarding VPS Plans, Please Call +92 313 8884422 or Leave Mailinfo@i.web.pk


Are you looking for A web hosting company in Pakistan that provide you affordable Pakistan based vps plan? You can find best, high profiled, reliable, fast and cheapest Virtual Machines from us, now we are very ambitious to provide the best experience of a virtual machine to all of our hosting customers in Pakistan and those who are in abroad. VPS in Pakistan is something comes into the center of Web Hosting hosting and a dedicated server in a sense of price and efficiency. Those who have some major amount of traffic and cpu usage and their web hosting company denied to host their domains and their website or application is developed under php framework must move to a Linux VPS where one can find dedicated resources of a big machine.

I.web.pk - Top VPS Host in Pakistan delivering Linux based VPS in Pakistan and windows vps hosting in Pakistan with different specifications so that it would become easy to select at least one by you with guaranteed up time by our data center in Canada. You may select operating system of your own will and also the interface control panel like WHM/Cpanel. You will get full root ssh access in Linux based.

Well, to find reliable vps services certain things should be under consideration normally few people care but that could be very much effective if one supposed to inquire about that before ordering for a Virtual Machine, that is the number of container/slices on a dedicated server with certain specification. Usually a client purchase it just after reading price and specification provided in the plam but when user start through, got a huge load on slow working due to less number of processors, we assure you that we are not in this practice, we provide load free VPS and also help you in managing technically throughout.


For a reliable connection through Pakistan, the most easy and convenient solution is to acquire a VPS despite considering a shared hosting plan or a dedicated server. Why because in shared hosting, you cannot get better security and privacy whereas a dedicated server in Pakistan really cost a lot. Here one more question arises that who should buy a PK based virtual server. The answer is quite simple. It is for those who needs a direct access via Pak based IP from a remote destination or for those who require a low latency for Pakistan based user to acquire the best ranking in search engine. Much other kind of businesses can hold a virtual machine with PK IP for managing different kind of tasks remotely. Here what we assure that we are a much responsible, reliable and ahead of all is that we are affordable than other providers. It is because we are located in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, which is the biggest province of Pakistan, and have the ability to secure things as much as one responsible hosting services provider worldwide can offer. We are also presenting our best level of after sales support to ensure the vast and quality virtualization experience. Also we are the oldest company in Lahore who is offering all variety of hosting solutions to local and international clients and thank you very much for our buyers who have a great trust in us and in our expertise.

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Addons and Includes

  • Basic Management

    USD 41.95 / Month

  • cPanel | Plesk Panel

    USD 15.95 / Month

  • Server Provisioning

    2-7 Days

  • Extra Bandwidth

    100GB extra in USD 64.95 / Month

  • Additional Storage

    SATA 50GB in USD 29.95 / Month

  • Additional IPs

    USD 9 / Month

  • Extra Ram

    1GB in USD 24.95 / Month

  • Reboots

    On Demand included