Virtual Private Server Hosting in Pakistan

We are masters in Virtualization and offering different kind of virtualization as per personal needs which gives you flexibility and ease of operating from within USA, UAE and Pakistan.

VPS Hosting built for speed and scale-ability.

First Pakistani Web Host is Presenting VPS based in three different data centers of the world. UAE, USA and Pakistan. For quality web hosting services select data center that you consider would be best for your required server.

Our interfaces will make your life easier!

Latest version of cPanel and Plesk panel being provided by us to enjoy latest hosting feature, ultimate web mail interface help you to manage all of your email accounts easily. Categorized sections for controlling all of features available in hosting control panel

A fusion between hardware & software

Forex Server Provider Pakistan

As we mentioned that we provide full root access to your VPS so you can install any software or application. Even Windows server with Remote desktop access can be used for forex trading.

  • 99.9% network uptime and new hardware guaranteed
  • More than 6,000 clients have made home
  • Our world-class data center is the perfect hosting solution for your business
  • SSD providing incredible levels of performance for your websites which is provided by our specific DCs.

Best VPS Hosting Provider in Pakistan

We can use the most advanced term for this kind of hosting as virtualized Hosting, this is being powered through a redundant and powerful Server resources separation technology. VPS works like a dedicated hosting because we generate it from a specific dedicated server or divide a whole server in partitions of vps with limited resources and hardware specification which can be later controlled separately as a root user for all linux based operating systems and via Remote Desktop as Administrator user for Windows based virtual Servers.

Why choose VPS Hosting?

There are some facts that will guide you why you should switch your current shared hosting account to a VPS or why for your new project you need it.

Like Web Hosting, VPS are also affordable but virtual servers are more reliable because you have total control on them, can automate daily, weekly and monthly backup to avoid any data loss, can install your own firewall and add your own firewall rules. not only this but all the OS, PHP, .NET Framework, Mysql, Mssql, DNS Server, Mail Server, IMAP Server, POP3 Server, FTP and many other things can be configured by you at any time, you will not need to contact us for managing things for you. Ahead of all you can create your own clients, can create your own packages and later can hosting your own or your clients domains in it.

Though all aspects will be under your management but even then you can ask for best 24/7 free basic technical support with all Virtual Private servers you will buy from us or contact us for your server management. Keep in mind in most cases VPS re-installations and reboots are free upon request