Windows VPS with RDP
KVM Optimized

Best Available KVM virtualization for Windows VPS in Pakistan

Imagine the importance of Windows RDP because most of us need things to browse from specific locations.

  • 3 Remote Destinations
  • Recomended Windows Versions
  • 100 MBPs Internet Port

Optimized Virtual Private Servers with Windows OS

Browse the full catalog of windows VPS hosting packages which are designed and maintained with good reputation, client's feedback and under high profiled data-centers and well renowned support team.

Windows Virtual Server Locations to select!

  • best hosting interface pakistan

    Install and run your Apps and Websites on your Win VPS Server with most wanted United Arab Location.

    UAE Based Windows VPS Hosting

    We offer Windows VPS from United Arab Emirates in Dubai, Here are our test IPs: &, ExtraTraffic would be allowed and be charged as USD 0.274/GB at the end of month, Virtual Servers Usually Provisioned in 6 hours to 24 hours after confirmation of order and payment.

Plenty of Addons to add with Your Windows VIrtual Server

  • Plesk Panel

    USD 15.95 / Month

  • ExtraTraffic

    Different Price / DC

  • Extra Storage

    Different Price / DC

  • More Ram

    Different Price / DC

Precisely Better Windows based Solutions Provider in Asian Market

Virtual Private Server in Pakistan

Cheapest Asian VPS Prices

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Easy Payment Mods | PayPal Included

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No Compromise on Quality of Service

We make our customer's machine up through brand new hard ware, imported by compact and trustable brands with highly filtered networking, power backups and routers.

Friendly Support and Sale Teams

Most of the auto work is done by computers and machines but it is always hard to indulge humans but our hard working engineers are always available to assist you.