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Linux Virtual Private Servers come with different Choice of Operating Systems like CERN Linux, alt Linux, arch Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Core OS, Fedora and Qentoo Linux. Every Operating system has its own features and functionalities. There are very few companies in Pakistan which deal in all type of Linux Operating system in VPS. is also providing the facility to their clients to choosing their desired Operating System for their Linux Based Virtual Private plan. We deal in all above giving operating system so you just need to choose your desired one to start your Virtual Private Server.

1) CERN Linux (Scientific Linux)

CERN Linux is also known as Scientific Linux Operating System was released on 10th May 2004, This operating is open source and available freeware, everyone can get the copy of this operating system easily from its official website. The Current version of CERN Linux operating system was released on 13th April 2015 which is Scientific Linux Version 7.1.

CERN Linux Features

Red Hat was the parent version of the CERN Linux Operating System, but after make CERN Linux an open source Operating System for all Red Hat remove its trademark from its new released versions. Like all Linux Operating system CERN Linux also support wireless technologies and provide high range of Software installation, It also helps to Make your server comprehensive for networking and system administration.

2) Alt Linux Operating System

Alt Linux Operating system was first released on 25th March 2001, which was specially designed to operate a Linux based servers. It comes with Monolithic(Linux) kernel type and apt-rpm updating methods. It is a multi multilingual Operating system and like CERN Linux it is also an open source operating system for Linux. The latest version of Alt Linux was released on 13th February 2012 which was 6.0.1.

Alt Linux Features

Alt Linux Operating System is specially designed to handle all the activities on a server like System Administration functionality, Networking functionality, Clients Management functionality and a wide range of Comprehensive Software installations

3) Arch Linux

Arch Linux Operating System is also one known as Pacman based Operating system of Unix Like which was released on 11th March 2002, This operating system is also available open source anyone can get its copy easily from its official website ot form market. The current version of Arch Linux was released on 1sth October 2015 with more specifications and functionalities. You cannot handle all the features of a Arch Linux if you are new on Linux because its hard to understand the commands of Arch Linux OS.

Arch Linux Features

Arch Linux Operating system is one of the best operating system of Unix which come with User Repository system. Which helps you track the activities on your servers and also keep record of file sharing and file downloading.

4) Ubuntu Server Operating System

Ubuntu is one of the Most famous operating system in Linux because mostly people knows all functionalities and features of the Ubuntu operating system and it is very easy to manage all software and Applications running on your Linux Operating systems. Like all other Linux Operating system Ubuntu is also an open source operating system of Linux which was released on 20th October 2004, and the latest version was install on 23rd April 2015 its easy to install an Ubuntu Operating System on your Personal Computer, Servers, Smartphones, tables and even on smart TVs. There are also some Distribution versions of Ubuntu are available in market like Kubuntu, Lubuntu or Xubuntu.

Ubuntu Operating System Features

Ubuntu Operating system comes with some builtin software which you can easily install on your machine, You can get Firefox, Office, Some games and transmission software along with copy of Ubuntu. You can also runs some Microsoft products (like Office, IE) on you Ubuntu through some third parry software like VMware. If we talk about the security, then Ubuntu have builtin security features to secure your server from authorized access.

5) Debian Linux

Debian Operating system was released on 15th September 1993 and one of the oldest operating system in Linux platform. Debian operating system is available on 73 different languages and its latest version was released recently on 5th September 2015. It is also an open source operating system and its copy available free of cost. Debian Server Operating system provide an easiest way to handle the things and manage all type of management works easily. This Operating System is the best choice for your Linux based servers. Debian come up with many features some of its features are given below.

Debian Operating System Features

Debian comes with more than 44,000 software package and all of these software free of cost included on it. If you want to add more functionalities on your Debian Server then you can also get some premium versions of software from official website of Debian. In additional you can upgrade your Debian operating system at any time whens its upgraded version launch in market.

6) CentOS Linux

CentOS Linux Operating System is most famous and commonly used operating system worldwide in all Virtual Private Severs and Dedicated Severs even in cloud servers too. CentOS was released on 14th May 2004 and it is easily compatible with desktops, mainframes, servers and workstations. The latest version of CentOS was released on 31st March 2015. The package of CentOS is come with various features and it have more functionality and more power than any other Linux based operating system to handle all the activities in as server.

7) CentOS Features

CentOS come with a builtin control panel which known as CWP. CentOS support all the features of web server, PHP, User Management, Domain Name Servers (DNS), Email Functionalities, Monitoring, System specifications and Security. In additional it come with builtin features of Backup Manager, File Manager, cPanel Accounts and Many more. It has well define structure of sharing things with authorized users.

7) CoreOS

Like all other Operating Systems of Linux or UNIX platform, CoreOS is also an open source and freeware Operating system which is more lightweight than any other operating systems of Linux. It come with limited functionalities and features. CoreOS was first leased on 3rd October 2013 and its latest version was released recently on 17th September 2015. CoreOS is specially design to run on x86 – 64 bit servers or clusters.

CoreOS Features

As mentioned above that CoreOS is lightweight operating system in Linux Operating system that’s why it come with limited builtin software and provide a best platform to deploy the software in Linux OS.

8) Fedora Linux

Fedora is one of the leading Operating system in Linux platform which comes under sponsorship of Red Hat. It is also an Open Source Operating system of Linux and it license is available freeware from official website of Fedora. we can also get a free ISO copy of Fedora OS from its official website. Fedora was first released on 06th November 2003, and the aim behind developing Fedora is to make it one of the most popular Operating system in Linux or UNIX platform. Its latest version was install on 22nd May 2015.

Fedora OS Features

Fedora is only Operating system in Linux platform which support all latest technologies and functionalities without using any third party software. It provide GNOME front End view with full security enhanced. The main distributor of the Fedora is Red Hat and its support many functionalities of gaming, security, scientific methods and much more.

9) Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux Operating System was first released on 31st March 2002 by Gentoo Foundation for Unix-like operating system. its is also an open source and freeware operating system built for Desktop, servers, SPARC 64 bit, Motorola 68k and mainframes. its updation come under rolling release / weekly.

Gentoo Linux Features

Gentoo Linux operating system provide an efficient way to handle things or data in a desktop or servers through some basic configurations. Gentoo Linux provide a smooth platform for all users to install or running software and and all other applications in it. Gentoo Linux is very user friendly operating system and widely used for Linux programmers and System Administrators.

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