PKNIC Prepaid Cards Bulk

PKNIC is the main registry and sponsor of all .pk domain extensions in Pakistan which was established in 1992 under owner ship of Ashar Nisar. PKNIC is providing more than 15 local domain extension for all different categories like .pk,,,,, and is commonly used domain names, is specially design for all official websites of institutes, colleges or Universities, and,,,, and are specially design for the government departments of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir respectively. Its hard to buy .pk domain name directly from PKNIC, that’s why PKNIC spread its resellers in different cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad and Sialkot. You can get registered your domain name from any reseller of PKNIC in above mentioned cities.

What is a PKNIC Prepaid Card?

When you run out off your mobile balance then you need to recharge your mobile to make further calls in the same way when your .pk domain name complete its two years then it need to renew for further access over internet. For this you need a recharging code from PKNIC or any reseller of PKNIC , which also known as PKNIC Prepaid card. A PKNIC card consist of serial number, Pin code and 10 digits Card number you just need to enter pin code and card number to renew or register a .pk domain extension.

Why needs a PKNIC card?

A PKNIC prepaid card is very necessary to register or renew a .pk domain extensions for minimum 2 years and for maximum 2n years. There are a lot of benefits to buy a PKNIC Prepaid card some of its benefits are mentioned below:

  1. You can register any .pk domain extension personally by using a PKNIC card
  2. You have your own domain panel of PKNIC and renew your all pk domain name personally from official website of PKNIC without contact any PKNIC reseller
  3. In additional you can renew your domain name personally even if your domain name is register by any other registrar

Who can sell PKNIC Prepaid Cards?

As we already mentioned above that PKNIC is one of the main directory of all pk domains that’s why PKNIC have all rights to sell all .pk domain extensions but PKNIC also shared its rights with all top resellers to sell PKNIC prepaid cards for .pk domain lovers. Now you can get PKNIC card from any reseller of PKNIC because they also have all rights to sell PKNIC card for their clients. A Question is rise on everyone’s mind that what is the usage of PKNIC Prepaid card? and we have answer of your question that you can use a PKNIC card to renew an old .pk domain name or to register a new .pk domain name for your local website.

Where to get a PKNIC prepaid card?

You can get PKNIC cards from any reseller of PKNIC near your city, PKNIC resellers are availaible on all big cities of Pakistan. You can contact them to get your PKNIC prepaid card easily.

PKNIC Prepaid card in Karachi:-

There are more than 10 resellers of PKNIC are available in Karachi, you can get your PKNIC card at your door step in Karachi by contacting any of authorized reseller in Karachi.

PKNIC Prepaid card in Lahore:-

Lahore is becoming a city of technology & internet era, that’s why now every institute, government department and company in Lahore preferred to make an official website and also preferred to get a .pk domain in Lahore extension for their website to show its local business. About 8 resellers of PKNIC are working in Lahore who have all rights reserved for .pk domain activity.

PKNIC Prepaid card in Islamabad:-

The capital city of Pakistan have more business than any other city of Pakistan and its become necessary for all local business to own an official website with pk extension to represent your local business over internet. PKNIC have 07 resellers in Islamabad who are selling PKNIC cards.

PKNIC Prepaid card in Peshawar:-

Its difficult to register a pk domain in Peshawar due to low number of PKNIC resellers in Peshawar but now we have managed all things in Peshawar and providing best and quick services for .pk domain, Now you can get your PKNIC card in Peshawar from us via email or call us.

PKNIC Prepaid card in Quetta:-

Like Peshawar there are also very low number of PKNIC resellers are available in Quetta. But you can get your PKNIC card at your doorstep via email at or by call us at +92-336-4475528.

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